The Future of Cinema (FOC)

The Future of Cinema coin is a cryptocurrency that will be traded just like every other, except that when the value of the coin nears the 100th of a cent mark I developed an algorithm that indicates the value and sell to burn ratio needed to keep the currency within a 0.48% margin and fund half a dozen films for about 8 million a piece. 1 cent is 6 films at 28 million each. 10 cents is about 40 films at 30 mill each and when those films make money, a share comes back to the company too. Or to whoever funded it. Not here, but the first modular company is going ot be an app that will allow people to fund the films out from under me and trade them like Robin hood trades stock.

Presale Details

  • Token: FOC
  • Type: BEP20
  • Decimals: 6
  • Presale Token: 10000000000
  • Total Supply: 200000000000
  • Fund Raise: BNB

The Future of Cinema


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Balance: BNB


2200 BNB

You can Buy The Future of Cinema (FOC) in realtime by sending BNB from your BSC Supported Wallet to Presale Contract